Maintenance underway

Food Handler Classes is currently performing emergency maintenance and is not able to accept new purchases until it has been completed. If you have already purchased or redeemed a course, that course will still be available to you up to the date of expiration. Existing bulk order purchases and unused codes will still be honored up to the date of expiration as well. FHC will begin accepting new purchases once this maintenance has been completed. Thanks and please check back for updates.

About Us

Our goal and mission at EduClasses is to provide our students with elegant, affordable online certificate courses in a variety of subjects. All EduClasses online courses, including Food Handler Classes, feature a unique certificate system which allows you to easily sign up, study the curriculum, and receive a certificate of completion. This course is intended for educational purposes only in the State of Connecticut.

The first step is to sign up for the course. It's easy! Just answer a few simple questions, create your username and password, and pay the minimal fee (for your convenience we accept most major credit cards), and you are all set to begin taking your online course.

The self-paced curriculum is designed to provide you with valuable information covering the fundamentals of your industry, while meeting any requirements for food handler certification. Once you've successfully completed the course, EduClasses will provide you with the appropriate certificate which you can print and give to your employer.

If your printed certificate gets misplaced, or if you change employers and need a duplicate, no problem! The EduClasses system keeps your certificate on file. Simply sign in to your account and print another certificate.

EduClasses, a subsidiary of DSBWorldWide, Inc., provides state-specific certificate courses for workers in a variety of industries. DSBWorldWide has nearly two decades of experience in providing online solutions for businesses, educational organizations and governmental agencies, including website design and integration. Utilizing its custom suite of WebItems® Software, DSBWorldWide is committed to continually upgrading their service to offer richer features and applications.

Updated: 3/21/2017